Add Gender works with companies that want to be at the top of their fields, who, like us, want to be the best in their world. We offer high quality services in three areas: Training, analysis and expert advice. Your business idea is always at the center of our services. These three tracks can be combined into a package or booked separately. Our packages have set prices in order to make a complex subject easier. We also customize our services if desired.

Why equality?

Gender equality and diversity work yield high returns on invested capital. Further down on this page, you’ll find four arguments for why you should work with equality.


On the surface, gender equality and diversity may seem obvious or even easy: “of course we’re going to take advantage of everyone’s talent and skills!” But they are, in their most concrete forms, remarkably complex. Our lectures, trainings and workshops equip both individuals and groups with what is needed for the onward journey to a more equal future. Our gender equality and diversity experts untangle the concepts, inspire, train and make equality and diversity useful, understandable, and fun!


It can be hard to decide: Which direction is best? What decisions should be made – and when should we decide? Our gender equality and diversity experts will analyze everything from your equality plan to your strategies for diversity in general, your employee surveys to your company’s culture. Every analysis that we deliver results in a report with concrete recommendations and an inspiring foundation for future decisions.


Our advice is based on facts, well-balanced and always customized to your businesses’ situation. Small decisions make a big impact in the long-term and equality has become an area where no one can afford to take chances. Therefore our diversity, discrimination and gender experts are here for you if you have questions, need advice or input as you explore new paths towards greater diversity. Expert panels, reference groups, phone and email conversations, brainstorming – we give you a fresh perspective on gender equality and diversity.


More information on our packages is coming soon!


We work with a large network of equality and diversity experts. We also have lawyers, communications professionals, management experts and HR professionals in our Add Gender network. All of our deliveries are quality assured according to our code of ethics and our values, which state that everything we do should be useful, understandable and fun. The main key to our methodology is that we work on solutions, and we reinforce what already works in your organization.




Arguments for gender equality and diversity

Equality is profitable


Increase efficiency


Improve your business


Stay on the cutting edge

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