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Since Add Gender was founded in the spring of 2008, we’ve had the privilege to create more equality at the following companies and organizations:

Blixten&Co, Tele2, Region Blekinge, Oracle, SkogsElmia och Elmia Wood, Utvecklingsringen, Dataspelsbranschen, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Dynamicus, Gotland Game Conference, Malmö city, Xenter, Fountaine House, Malmö Frivilligcentra, Ledarna, Sveriges Ingenjörer, Maktsalongen, Företagarna Norrköping and Alingsås, Netlight Consulting AB, the newspaper Resumé, Transmode, WinIT, Polisen i Stockholms Län, IHM Business School, Galaxen Creative, Ungdomsstyrelsen, Futureperfect, KTH ADOPT, Accenture, ÅWL, Almi, Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, Region Halland, Örebro University, Näringsliv Skåne, Botkyrka municipality, Trafikverket, Länsstyrelsen i Stockholm, Dalarna and Västmanland, Norra Skogsägarna, Karlstads University, Linné University, Future Games, Region Värmland, WINNET, Scania Sweden, Studieförbundet Bilda (Educational Association Bilda), Sörmlandsidrotten (Sörmlands Sports), ABF, European Institute of Gender Equality (EIGE), KKiKK, Styrelsekraft Karlstad, Casino Cosmopol, the University of Iceland, Svenska Spel, Malvina KTH, Västerbottens Handelskammare, Nordic Game, Region Gävleborg, Skinnskattebergs bibliotek, Ronneby municipality, and many more…

We’ve also signed Non-Disclosure Agreements and confidentiality agreements with some of our clients, which means that we can’t include all of our clients in the above list. Were you a previous client of ours, and want to be on this list or provide references? Get in touch with us to be part of our proud display of clients!


At Blixten & Co., Sweden’s leading entertainment company, we did a situation analysis and conducted whole-day trainings and seminars. Blixten & Co. also subscribes to our expert advisory services. Here is their perspective on our collaboration:

What did Add Gender help you with?

They helped us to analyze and define the focus areas at our company and also to structure our gender equality work. Add Gender has also given us the tools to work on these issues in the form of:

– Equality Policy

– Equality Plan

– Action Plan for Sexual Harassment

– Template and knowledge to do a salary survey

– Template for an Action Plan where we can clearly use all of the data from our gender equality plan so that everything has a deadline and person in charge of completing the action.

 What do you think characterizes Add Gender’s deliveries?

Fast, engaged and clear.

What results have you seen as clients, both in your business and also in your own understanding of these topics?

Increased knowledge, more tools & revitalized commitment to both our clients and in our organization overall.

 Anything else that you would like to highlight from your collaboration with Add Gender?

You get easy and quick communication with Add Gender, their knowledge and commitment have been particularly remarkable. The collaboration feels fun and stimulating.


Emma Karinsdotter

Project manager & Member of Equal & Unique Group at Blixten & Co.


What did Add Gender help you with?

Add Gender reviewed our Gender Equality Plan and came up with suggestions for changes and improvements regarding content, goals, communication and more.

What do you think characterizes Add Gender’s deliveries?

Their deliveries are personable and professional. With their various skills, they came in and reviewed our Gender Equality Plan with fresh eyes, resulting in great ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Anything else that you would like to highlight from your collaboration with Add Gender?

We at Tele2 give them our warmest recommendations.


Anna Andersson

HR Business Partner, Tele2 Sweden AB



More references are available for those of you who are curious about us. Dare to ask!



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