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Four arguments

4 Arguments for gender equality and diversity work:


1. Equality is profitable, and it gives your brand life.

Many studies (link to indicate that companies that excel at gender equality and diversity increase their profitability. Equality work also makes it easier to attract talent, thanks to the fact that your brand is strengthened. Gender equality and diversity are rewarding ways to take social responsibility as an organization.


2. Increase efficiency by reducing the risk of unexpected costs of discrimination

It’s important to always take equality into account with regard to personnel policies. Partly because of the prevailing Swedish legislation in place, but also because we now know how we can effectively work against discrimination in the workplace, both in terms of harassment and recruitment. If discrimination happens in a situation where there is a lack of knowledge, especially during high season, it can be expensive and painful for all involved. Discrimination is therefore an unnecessary obstacle, and above all, a big risk to take in terms of organizational efficiency. We help you plan ahead so that if discrimination happens, you have a plan of action and can save yourself the pain of being caught off guard.


3. Gender equality and diversity improve your business by giving you new perspectives and innovative ideas

The customer is vital to your business, you know that already. A gender and diversity perspective at all levels, even in the marketing department and among the sales force, helps you discover new markets, improve client relationships and create innovative solutions to meet customer needs. Sweden is already internationally recognized as a country where we are adept at using our knowledge of gender equality and diversity in innovation and change, so there is a lot of experience to lean on, and everything indicates that this is now a best practice and business critical.


4. Equality is the forgotten competitive advantage – use it to stay on the cutting edge

As gender equality and diversity experts, we see daily businesses that do not communicate how good they are at equality. They have a good work environment, a great parental leave policy, take discrimination seriously and encourage excellence through increased responsibility and trust for all employees. Still, their customers are often unaware of this, and so are their potential recruits. Equality gives good PR and a lot of goodwill. Make use of it, before your competitor does.

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