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Add Gender AB is a creative analysis and advisory company where we focus on equality and diversity as a way of improving organizations. We’ve been around since 2008. We think equality and diversity are the most fun and rewarding ways to improve businesses and organizations, which is why we love what we do.

Our mission: We help you become the best in your world, by recommending and delivering performance-improving services in equality and diversity. Because the future is equal!


Every year we do a lot of pro bono work. In 2011, we created “Support male entrepreneurship,” an art exhibit that highlights the fact that male entrepreneurs also need support. The photo exhibition is still travelling around Sweden. In 2012, we released the children’s book “Anna drives forestry machines.” This was a project on gender and forestry where the profits are donated to charity. In addition, we also ran the culinary and gender-equality competition “How does equality taste?” where we highlighted sensory marketing and equality in Sweden’s food and restaurant industries.

We practice what we preach and believe that even small companies can work successfully with CSR. Small companies can make big impressions!


Each year, we appoint an Add Visory Board. This is an advisory group that helps us develop our business. To be the best in Sweden and also the best in Europe requires motors, brakes and gears, and our Add Visory Board helps us determine what’s needed and how to apply it in the right way. Our Add Visory Board’s experience and advice also complements our own skills and experience.

Thank you for your interest in Add Gender AB!

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